WONDERS WANDER is commissioned by El Ayuntamiento de Madrid's cultural programs for Madrid Pride 2017

Shu Lea Cheang is an artist, filmmaker, networker. Cheang constructs networked installation and multi-player performance in participatory impromptu mode. She drafts sci-fi narratives in her film scenario and artwork imagination. She builds social interface with transgressive plots and open network that permits public participation. Engaged in media activism for two decades (the 80s and 90s) in New York city, Cheang concluded her NYC period with a cybernoia film FRESH KILL (1994) and the first Guggenheim museum web art commission/collection BRANDON (1998-1999). After releasing her second feature I.K.U. (2000) at Sundance Film Festival, she relocated to Eurozone where she took up large scale installations and networked performance while co-founded several collectives to pursue cross-disciplinary projects. From homesteading cyberspace in the 90s to her current retreat to post-crash BioNet zone, Cheang takes on viral love, bio hack in her current cycle of works. In 2017, she released her third feature FLUIDØ at Berlinale Berlin Film festival and is currently developing Unborn0x9, an ultrasound hack performance and UKI, cinema interrupted with mobile-media.

InOut Distribution| InOut Filmmakers is an independent producer and distributor in Madrid specializing in short films. Created in 2014 by Tania Galán, it is endorsed by its trajectory in the cinematographic industry since 2002. Currently InOut produces various projects for all types of public, focusing especially on the work done by Women Directors and LGBTQ themes. InOut has won more than 200 awards and its films have been screened in more than 1,200 Film Festivals worldwide.

With a degree in Audiovisual Production, Tania Galán has since 2002 been working in different audiovisual productions. She launched El Paseíto Producciones and Enik Pro, an LGBTQ association in 2010. In 2014, she started the distribution company InOut Distribution. She produced and distributed the multi-award-winning short film Efímera (2012), Mr. Dentonn (2014) and directed her first short film Bella (2014). She is the General Coordinator of the Spanish Short Film Association and a member of CIMA (Women's Filmmakers Association) of Spain.

Una película de Shu Lea Cheang
Para la ciudad de Madrid

Concept | Script | Direction
Shu Lea Cheang

Produced by Tania Galán and Shu Lea Cheang
An InOut Distribution | InOut Filmmakers production

Production director - Tania Galán
Production manager - Bea Hernández
Production assistants - Jaime Guillén, Anna Rovira, Yago Vera
Henar Langa, Rubén D. Martín, José Bandrés

Casting Director | Assistant Director - Chus Sarrión
Research on performers - Marta Márquez
Research on La Movida archive - Bea Hernández
Research | mapping WW app. - Chus Sarrión Script supervisor - Ketty lloclla

Director of photography - Javier López Bermejo
First assistant camera | focus puller - Isaac Baeza
Second assistant camera | DIT - Arturo Carmona, Carmen Entringer
Steadicam operator - Andrés López-Herce
Gaffer - Adolfo Berzosa
Electrician - Basilio Medina
Still phototographer - Tamara Arranz

Lighting | Grip| Dolly | Studio -
Iluminaciones Cinematográficas Fco. Medina S.L.
Smoke machine - Saturnalia Show
Production materials - Behind the Movies

Art director - Lita Echeverría
Props - Chrystelle Ferrara, Héctor Ayuso

Metastructure - Jaime del Val | REVERSO | METABODY
Robot hand for Soledad - Francisco Díaz
Harley Davidson - Amando Crespo, Fernando Arroyo

Costume design - Alba Fernández, Gloria Bernabéu
Stylist | Hair | Visagist - Nilda Ayala
Make up - Fabiola Roussé

Location sound recording - Juan Carlos Arribas
Boom operator - Marcos Lavilla
Sound Design | Sound mix –
Gonzalo Solas | MonsterTracks
Sound studio assistant – Samuel Fernández

Postproduction supervisor – CUTFILMS
Editor - Daniel San Roman
Assistant editor | media manager - Tatiana Bahsoun
Graphic animation - Antonio Leal
Colorist - David Rocher | Dr Couleur
Assistant colorist - Blanca San Miguel

3D special effects - Oh My Render Studio
VFX | 3D director - Gonzalo Martín
VFX | 3D partner - Schlomo Goldberg

Graphic Design - Ana inés | La Rana Gráfica
Wonders Wander Graffiti - DEPO
Web | mobile app. programmation – Roger Sennert
Web | app. server hosted by Blue Star Software

Production Accountant – Galayos S.Coop.
Production insurance - Cinevent Online
Script | subtitles | Web translation - Chus Sarrión
Subtitles - Bbo Subtitulado

Original music - Ángel Ramos Escola

Wonders Wander
Voice by Raquel Toresano
Music by Ángel Ramos Escola

Secrets Telluriques
Music by Julien Ottavi

Master mind
Music & lyrics by The hungary hearts

Dark Interpreter 002
By Martin Howse

Music & lyrics by LAS VVITCH
Produced by KE JOTA 13AB

Voice by Raquel Toresano
Music by Ángel Ramos Escola

I’m slut
Lyrics by VirutaFTM
Music by Angel Ramos

Lyrics by Psicosis Gonsales
Music by Marcelo Raigal

Lyrics and music by Psicosis Gonsales

Eres mía, solo mía
Voices by Gabriela Wiener, Rosyta War, Jaime Rodríguez Z.
Music by Ángel Ramos Escola

miguel angel mainstream

Voices by Dani Beltrán Cruz, Danmeng Zhang, Elizabeth Martín
Hikari K. Devia, Diego (Dee) Maeso, Adela Granda
Music by Ángel Ramos Escola

Music by Atau Tanaka
Biorhythms (Caipirinha Music cai2028)

Lyrics and music by Genderlexx, Queer Punk Madriz

En la Boca del Lobo
Lyrics and music by La IRA

La Movida images courtesy of Yolanda Pérez and Miguel Trillo

Special thanks to
Toxic Lesbian

Most grateful to
Elena Vergara, Diana J. Torres, María Gil, Leticia Rojas, Alex Aguirre, Nando Piña, Mario García Herrera, La Dragona, Vaciador, La Quimera, medialab prado, Sangre Fucsia, Eskalera Karakola

For Madrid
Octo-Senso Power Forever
Shu Lea Cheang 2017